Rabis become greedy and hypocrites, then God sends

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Rabis become greedy and hypocrites, then God sends His Own Royal Priest Christ in the name Jesus and Nanakm His Second comiong In this present Age that is known as Dark Age or Kalyug, the Rabbis/Brahmin Gurus become corrupt and hypocrites. They start to love money more than God. If you have greed in your heart, then the Word of God cannot rest in your heart and your innerman, the Christ, is without the understanding of His Word. In Punjabi, we call such greedy people as Munnmukh. You need to be devoted to God with a clean heart. Christ Jesus has mentioned to make holy spirit as our companion and Satguru Nanak Dev Ji has stressed in His Saying:- Pavan Aranbhh:- Pavan stands for holy spirit and it is received through the grace of God. Things of Scriptures or moral laws could be written down in ink on paper but the things of holy spirit called Gospel are always received through revelations in your heart with the grace of our Father God. Scriptures could be altered or corrupted but Gospel or Dhur Ki Bani cannot be corrupted and in the Bible, it is described as New Wine or Brand New Cloth untouched by human hands. Satguru Matt waila because the religious matters cannot be grasped without satguru/christ within one's heart. So, in Kalyug every one has to go by his own innerman or Anttar Satguru and not what the others say or teach you as you have to give your own account to God yourself. SHABAD Guru:- His Word is your teacher and SuRATT DHUNN CHAELA:- your own SURTI is the student or Worker. That is in Kalyug, you cannot blame any one but yourself.
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