Sons of Adam are Noble Salt of the Earth people an

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Sons of Adam are Noble Salt of the Earth people and they become sons of God. Son of Adam, Man or Shiv, Quantity versus son of God Quality is the very basic theological principle and like Trinity, it is least understood. St.Thomas stressed the importance of this in His Saying, First know what you see with your two naked eyes of Adam, then what is not seen of God but perceived through our Third eye of logical reasoning would be known to you. In short, first have common sense, holy spirit, to be a son of Adam, then God be willing or His grace, you would be the son of God or christ. John, the Baptist was an Ideal Levi Priest of Moses that dealt with the Moral Laws of Moses. As our physical body is the Temple of God and that which makes it living is of God or Sun but we cannot see but perceive, so our physical body Moral Teachers could be considered as Moon and the moonlight as the Moral Teaching, written Torah or Scriptures. Thus, our Moral Teachers, the Rabbi/Pundits could be considered as Moon and God or Christ, His Spokesman as the Sun, the Primary Source of His Word. That is why John, the Baptist was a witness to the Light but not the Light. However, when John baptised anointed Son of Man Christ Jesus, the moral of baptism was displayed through the appearance of Holy Spirit in the form of a Dove declaring that Christ Jesus the anointed Son of God or Second anointed Adam. Holy Spirit is the mother of holy spirit, which is common sense, which the simpletons do not have. What is the significance of the sons of Adam? This Planet earth is for the habitation of the sons of Adam and any one who breaks his covenant with his tribal elders becomes unfaithful to Adam and in Matt.13.24-30, the sons of Adam are called the wheat plants and the sons of Satan, people unfaithful to Adam or Elders as tares. Jesus called the sons of Man as salt of the earth in that they have family conscience or shame whilst the sons of Satan, the tares as those who lost the saltiness and to be thrown out of the family homes. Sons of Man having the tribal family shame or conscience always treat others as they wish to be treated. The Samaritans present a good example of the sons of Man or Abraham and the fanatics of the tares. Both Christ Jesus and Satguru Nanak Dev Ji have stressed that those who would become unfaithful to their tribal father would be dishonourably killed as to day you see the fanatics being killed. In Revelations, Jesus has mentioned the 144000 Chosen People to be saved as by their tribes and NOT as Jews. In fact, when you become a Jew, Sikh, Hindu, Muslim of rituals, outwardly appearance and not of the heart inwardly in qualities, then you become a Tare or son of Satan who do not live in Peace but kill each other. Israel being a Nation of Priests in Moses, they teach us moral laws through practical demonstrations. Holocausts were blind guides Rabbis leading the blind into Pits of death as it happened in India too during the 1947 Partition as well. At present, Matt.13.24-30 has taken shape in Israel where both the Jews and the Palestinians being unfaithful to Abraham are burning and killing each other. Abraham was of the Semitic race outwardly and not a Jew, Fatah or Hamas outwardly. That is, a Jew, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, etc are the spiritual selves never born and they never die. All such people of the world, the Tares, must die before there shall be Peace in the World. God bless you with holy spirit, common sense, which is not so common but rare. In fact, holy spirit shatters the fetters of the letters, holy Books. Graphical representation on my web site: -

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