Menorah being of the Works that Rabbis led people

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Menorah being of the Works that Rabbis led people to but today is of Grace of God. MENORAH AND THE DAVID'S CROSS. It is very easy to understand both the Menorah and the David's Cross of Works on the basis of Trinity. Menorah has three types of people on the Right Hand Side of God and they are nearest to the Middle Candle of God are people sealed to serve God twice born Holy ghosts or wisemen which are Trained Workers of the Vineyard of God, next are doubting twice born Holy father people which are Labourers or Apprentice and the farthest away are the devote once born Holy sons who do not harm any one and they are known as Disciples. On the Left side of God are nearest to Main Candle of God are the once born Evil sons, the fanatic like Saul, next are the twice born Evil fathers, the cheats and farthest away are the twice born Evil ghosts, the hypocrites. Middle Candle of God represents people who are Spokesmen of God, Apostles and Saints and Holy Spirit, the very Spirit of God, leads them. Whereas God is Father, Holy Spirit is the Mother. All the Four Prophets of Dark Age had Holy Spirit right on conception. Thus, John, the Baptist, Christ Jesus, Satguru Nanak Dev Ji and Sachae Patshah Gobind Rai Ji had Holy Spirit on their very conceptions. King David's Time people were obeying the moral laws to the very letter and they were obeying their Rabbis as expected in the perfect manners. The people of Judah tribe led the people of other tribes and such ideal secular people are called Angels. That was the Age of Works under the Rabbis and therefore, the David Cross represents the six types of people and their works. Three are holy and the other three evils intermingled with them. Kings fought with each other as evil caused enmity among them. Before the Age of King David, there were no evil people and no fighting. That Age is known as Satyug in Punjabi. In this Dark Age, the Rabbis become corrupt and hypocrites that Christ Jesus and Christ Nanak appear. In honour of Christ Jesus, the Middle Candle of God or Grace is raised above the Six Candles of Works stressing that this Dark Age is of Grace and not of the Works. Saul turned Paul proved this fact. It was not his works but the Grace of God that He received Holy Spirit. In evil works he repented by fasting for Four Days. Christ Thomas stressed this in His Saying, Why should I fast what sin have I committed in the capacity of once born and why should I pray what wrong have I done in the capacity of twice born? This subject is best learnt through lectures and discussions. My services are totally FREE as my Father pays me in Gospel. Please visit my web site for detailed articles and on Trinity to God bless you.

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