Evidence of ET Prescence- Past to Present Pt.5/5

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This is a broadcast originally brought to the publics eyes and mind by the heroic people at The History Channel. The program goes into detail about how evidence on Ancient cave sites such as rock art and carvings as well as sculptures depict a very similar resemblance to the Extraterrestrial accounts/ sightings of abductees and other documented eyewitness reports across the Planet.

It will fill in the gaps of many uncharted field s of mystery such as Ancient Medieval artwork and also cave paintings from the stone age. It even goes into detail on the Renaissance period and depicts UFO and Extraterretrial depictions within the artwork during tha titme period from obvious eyewitness accounts.

Everything in history has had some type of Alien connection tied in with it, the Bible speaks of such encounters and even in a woven painting that my parents own has a picture of the Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus and behind her is a disc shaped object which has emissions of 6 rays of light coming from the bottom part of the object behind the Virgin Mary. The picture is made entirely of wool and my mother and father purchased it in Poland in the year of 1974. I took a snapshot of it on my phone and I always show my professors it as well as my other friends online and around my place of residence. They ALL agree that it is an obvious anomylous disc/ UFO that is quite odd to de in the picture which is woven and made entirely of wool.

We will also learn about the sudden awareness to all of humanity of UFO's and Aliens after the incident in the late 1940's which occured in Roswell, New Mexico. This triggered the beginning of the most intense wave of UFO reports, sightings, abductions, and encounters ever recorded in modern history and it continuously grows each and every day.

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