Paper Evidence for Preparation of UFO Arrival Pt.3

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This is a broadcast put into the public's eye by The History Channel and it details the many documents such as the JANAP - 146 report that is a recquirement for the Cometa files of France in case of a UFO or Alien atttack. I talso covers the procedures that would have to be taken out if there were a sudden invasion of a malevolent force of Extraterrestrial beings. This could ALL be set up quite easily by the Governments of the World to scare us into a One World Government. In fact, Orson Wells' broadcast entitled "War of the Worlds" was a CIA plus Governmental planned broadcast to see how the public would react to such an incident as was broadcast on that day. Now if you do not know anything about this broadcast it was just a simple radio transmission and it was put out to disrupt all of the other broadcasts over the radio waves and Mr. Wells was acting as if there were Martians invading Earth. People absolutley panicked but it was a phoney broadcast, it was a test set up by the CIA to see the publics reaction and they sure did get a reaction and great results.

This is an extraordinary program that details the UFO phenomenom and will fill in many gaps that some of you out there who are looking for answers and also those who are interested in this field of research..
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