Bigfoot Dermal Ridge Footprint Forensics Evidence

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A short clip form the documentary "Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science".

Scientists and forensic experts examine the most compelling of all the Bigfoot/Sasquatch evidence--the ubiquitous footprints spanning decades and appearing all over the globe up to the present day. Conclusion: the evidence is way too complicated to have all been hoaxed.

Officer Jimmy Chilcutt, a fingerprint expert, had been researching primate finger prints to find clues that would help him determine race gender and sex. His extensive study of primate fingerprints had made him one of only a few people in the world with knowledge of primate dermal ridges. Chilcutt was never a believer in bigfoot, and after watching a tv program where Jeff Meldrum, associate professor of anatomy at Idaho State University, was displaying a bigfoot casting showing dermal ridges, Chilcutt decided that he wanted to examine these prints in order to prove they were fake. After getting a hold of Meldrum and examining his collection he was quite surprised. Not only could he not dubunk the casts but he found that the dermal ridge patterns were unlike humans or apes. The patterns were very consitent throughout Meldrum's collection even though they were made by different indivduals at different times and found at different locations. Officer Jimmy Chilcutt now believes that there is an animal in the Pacific Northwest that we have never documented.

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