Return The Ancestors Trailer

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In April of 2009, at the request of the Mayan High Priest Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj and to fulfill Mayan prophecy, the Institute for Cultural Awareness hosted the Return of the Ancestors gathering in Northern Arizona. Over 120 indigenous elders from six continents around the world came together in this great gathering to share their knowledge, wisdom, and prophecies with the people of the world.

The Return of the Ancestors project is under the umbrella of the Institute for Cultural Awareness, a non profit 501(c)3 corporation. The continuing project was created to document the Return of the Ancestors gathering with hundreds of hours of film footage and in turn give the messages from the elders to the world. An on going educational documentary video series is being created for free download via the internet with torrents in an effort to reach as many people in the world possible. We also have this website so people may view the messages from the elders without download, a YouTube channel, Return of the Ancestors, and manage a facebook page, Return of the Ancestors. This project is ENTIRELY funded by people like YOU... never will any personal profits made from this project. It is the Institute for Cultural Awareness' gift to the world.... the images and voices of truth from the indigenous elders of the world.

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