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Tech??? Very Cool!!!

  • Thaiguy
  • uploaded: Oct 21, 2010
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  • Thaiguy#

    Thaiguy October 26, 2010 2:31:25 AM CEST

    Wow thanks for the update and thanks for the links, very very cool :)

  • T47hip#

    T47hip October 26, 2010 1:52:34 AM CEST

    Agreed, most do-able. Especially now, almost 4 years later. The video above is of a 2007 Sony Computer Science Laboratories prototype that never came to fruition, but some of the surface computing possibilities today are out standing. 2007 Microsoft Surface Computer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttgx9ygMXz82009 Sony Atracsyshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78SRdq6mfY82010 - Samsung Prototype Translucent Laptop Screenhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZV6nICvyB4Bumptop Interactive Desktop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jhoWsHwU7w&feature=related Read full BumpTop 2010 review @ cnet.comhttp://download.cnet.com/BumpTop/3000-2072_4-10912219.htmlIt's not hard to see where we are headed with our future computer interaction, is it possible alien tech? I have no idea, but it is waaaaaay cool.

  • Borin#

    Borin October 25, 2010 10:10:50 PM CEST

    Quite feasable technonlogy. Optical templates working on an LCD or OLED screen. Another example of devices that have more novelty value than use?

  • Wendell707#

    Wendell707 October 25, 2010 4:02:26 PM CEST

    I havent a clue what it is.

  • Jimmyduek#

    Jimmyduek October 25, 2010 11:05:09 AM CEST

    this is the coolest thing that i ever see, just incredible

  • Thaiguy#

    Thaiguy October 24, 2010 11:45:46 PM CEST

    thankyou Deuem :)

  • Thaiguy#

    Thaiguy October 24, 2010 10:56:09 PM CEST


  • Thaiguy#

    Thaiguy October 24, 2010 10:51:44 PM CEST

    wow so cool, thanks for the link :)

  • Coralbay00#

    Coralbay00 October 24, 2010 9:51:37 PM CEST

    welcome aboard. nice post. i agree a lot of tech comes from, shall we say, 'mother superiors'! fibre optics as you say. well known fact from the top brass themselves. a lot of 'tech' is shelved that is far more impressive, such as the free energy scenario. cheers.

  • Thaiguy#

    Thaiguy October 23, 2010 12:37:24 AM CEST

    sawadee kup, mai pen rai kup, yin-dee. Wow not too bad, you'll be fluent in no time im sure. :)

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