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UFO Sightings Stop New York City


  • anonymous#

    anonymous October 21, 2010 11:13:16 PM CEST

    Gee someone better tell the New Yorkers about this as no one here in the city is talking about this.. I think it needs to be said that anything in the air space this was seen is under very tight government control and watched with great care. If there was something there it was either not much or something quickly dealt with. You can not fly over NYC without causing lots of flap now. As far as New York a buzz over this- well sorry no one here noticed or cares or is talking about this. So be aware of what you see on the internet and what you believe as true. Knowing New Yorkers this may have been a good scam that made for great video's . UFO's are seen all over the east coast however this one ....not so much

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