Florida Governor Haydon Burns UFO April 25 1966

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Florida Governor Haydon Burns UFO Encounter

On April 25, 1966 a UFO paced Florida Governor Haydon Burns' campaign plane for 40 miles over North Florida. The UFO was also witnessed by a group of officials and newsmen from the Miami Herald and Tampa Tribune who were on board.

Co-pilot Herb Bates first noticed the UFO as the Convair took off from Orlando headed for Tallahassee.

"We've got a UFO out there," Gov. Haydon Burns shouted.

Actually, there were two yellow globes of light, side by side. They paced the 230-mph speed of the governor's Convair, but did make some minor changes in position. Walking back into the cabin he told us: "I'm going to order the pilot to turn into it." The UFO then climbed steeply and disappeared in response to the turn.

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