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They Were Not Balloons

  • Ghost32
  • uploaded: Oct 22, 2010
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  • Ghost32#

    Ghost32 October 23, 2010 9:18:17 PM CEST

    There were sightings all over the world and they were not small balloons, also if you look at the actual photos of the small objects they are not balloons but elipse shaped with a spectrum or rainbow type reflection and not what the school kids described.Keep in mind also that this balloon story has been used before, It was the same story used to debunk the Roswell crash a day after it ocurred and it seems they are trying to use the same old story again to get people from investigating this event any further.A day after roswell they retracted the ufo story and tried to sell the weather balloon story, here we have another mass sighting and the government wants us to think its a balloon again ,no one believed the story then and no one will believe it now either.And keep in mind as Jim Marrs has said , if they were balloons we would have witnesses come forward with evidence or parts of these balloons after they floated back down to earth , because a balloon like that cannot go to space it will pop and fall back to the ground, and no one has found any pieces of balloons in trees or anywhere that can be linked to this incident. If some real investigators find parts of these so called balloons that were used to fake the event that would be one thing but it still would not explain all the other thousands and thousands of sightings not just in New York but all around the world. How many countries will laugh at us for being so gullible in believeing the balloon story again. Considering that these objects were all around the world that day, if they were balloons wouldnt we still see some of them floating around?Also a couple of hoaxers were arrested for putting objects into the airspace a few days before oct 13th and if the teacher really did put the kids up to releasing balloons to fool the masses then she should not be able to hide behind the children and she should be arrested along with the other hoaxers but she wasnt, also she works for the goverenment and This obviously sounds to much a coincidence and they are trying to cover-up the mass ufo sightings around the world with a re-telling of the balloon story.

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