Crop Circle Maker

  • Uploaded by Xfakten on Oct 26, 2010
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Watch that movie and make your own mind! But think about, who is interested about Crop Circles? Those ones, who will make profit out of it! Or why the owner of the field is selling drinks or Bratwurst or is taking money for the entry??? Come on... And what about artefacts? Where are the carbon test? What you ll get is one historian or one unknown doctor or scientist, which no one knows, who claims everything he was paid for! And than starts already the marketing strategy to sell copies of the artefacts, or plans, or plates - what ever. And finally the hoaxers will try to find a dumb one, who will buy the original(hoax). If you want to get in contact with another one, you will gave him a definitly message, isnt it? You never would leave a drawing, so that he has to start riddling, whats all about! So to all those ones, ho claim that his crop circle and the artefacts they found are real... bring the carbon test of an official institute. And dont take us for a ride with presenting hoax!

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