Passport Protection Against RFID Chip

  • Uploaded by Xfakten on Oct 27, 2010
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Aldous Huxley (Brave New World) and George Orwell (1984) knew already what will happend to us. They wrote it already in their Books, because they were Members of the Fabian Secret Society and they knew already the Agenda. Totally control of the Mankind. Thats why the "Black Elite" created the new Passports with the RFID Chip included. In Germany they bring the new Passport on the 31.10.2010. And its not only, that they can check every private Detail about you without your knowledge. Think! The Chip is like a Remote Control. They can see wherever you are and wherever you go! Think! With your Remote Control for example, you can switch off your TV... and what "They" can switch off with their Remote Control? So, dont worry! It makes no sense to discuss about it or to demonstrade against it. Because what the "Black Elite" has planed, they will do, so or so - even by Law!
I researched different protection Systems. And I found the Material Cryptalloy! This is a protection Sleeve against all Radio Frequencies. Nothing comes in and nothing goes out!! In that Movie, you ll find an Adress, where to order. Or ask your Browser for local Sellers. If we all stand together against that "Selfmade Black Elite", than we are strong, bacause we are a many - and "They" are only a few!

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