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The Vatican's Worst Nightmare Now Unfolds


Book Video Trailer and Press Release for Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols.


LATEST PRESS RELEASES: - http://www.sevenstarhand.org/press.html

The head in sand pose may temporarily hide danger from the ostrich, but the hungry lion has no misconceptions about the truly dire nature of that bird's predicament. The truth has escaped its cage, and gone on a rampage, seeking long overdue justice.

Here is comprehensive proof that the symbolism of many ancient texts, canons, and concepts is an advanced and extremely ancient spiritual and philosophical technology that predates all extant religions and mystery schools.

Consequently, here is proof, beyond disproof, that all three so-called "Faiths of Abraham" are purposeful deceptions. Accordingly, related esoterica, mystery schools, and the New Age are rife with error caused by undue reliance upon the assertions of these religions and their leaders.

Throughout this series, I present verifiable proof that ancient sages and prophets opposed religion and wisely never trusted religious leaders. As comprehensive validation of this, they redundantly encoded stunning proof of why throughout pivotal symbolic narratives and related concepts.

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  • Sevenstarhand#

    Sevenstarhand November 8, 2010 5:38:46 PM CET

    My intention here is to reveal long-hidden information, not to make money. You can download the E-book for FREE. If you want to understand the truth about some absolutely pivotal details, all you have to do is read and grow wiser. You will grasp how I feel about money, very quickly.

  • Narkytwilek#

    Narkytwilek November 8, 2010 4:15:01 PM CET

    This is just a bloody advert!

  • Ellev8r#

    Ellev8r November 8, 2010 2:36:34 AM CET

    thanks 4 the free e book, it looks interesting. I thought aw sucks, an ad but seeing the book for free changed my mind

  • Smiles#

    Smiles November 8, 2010 12:39:39 AM CET

    why the deep throat voice??

  • Ruquick#

    Ruquick November 7, 2010 9:55:02 PM CET


  • Sttoad#

    Sttoad November 7, 2010 5:06:35 PM CET

    Ok we are doing commercials now?

  • Yeshuah#

    Yeshuah November 2, 2010 7:32:22 PM CET

    hm, so ... another truth... now why should i trust to that truth and not to vaticans truth? Vatican truth was good enough to me... i have no reason to change it now and... i don't feel like i was deceived... hm, strange...

  • Kamaat7#

    Kamaat7 November 2, 2010 4:36:52 PM CET

    Great video! Love the SevenStarHand.org link - thanks Seven!! The free e-book is amazing, think I'll order a copy of my own! :) Thanks again for the "enlightenment"! Awesome...

  • Lighthouse#

    Lighthouse November 2, 2010 2:50:31 PM CET

    Not about hidden wisdom, but about hidden advertisements :)

  • Mediasorcerer#

    Mediasorcerer November 2, 2010 10:22:22 AM CET

    wow,looks great,anything that exposes the complete fraudulent lie of the mainstream religions has got my vote of approval.

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