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Life has a spirit which is the energy of the soul which lives throughout eternity in every being in everything. Mineral, animal, vegetable, on earth doesn't matter; it is all alive and has energy and life that is still thought of as spirit. Some life o...

Life has a spirit which is the energy of the soul which lives throughout eternity in every being in everything. Mineral, animal, vegetable, on earth doesn't matter; it is all alive and has energy and life that is still thought of as spirit. Some life on earth has more consciousness of its existence than others. Enoch and Elijah left in a chariot of Fire. Occasionally one fines favor among the Gods. The oldest Chinese history traveled the heavens on fire breathing dragons. Earth has sky creators or Gods and why?

We are to treat all things and all beings with respect. The moral and ethical fibers of humankind does not depend on whether one is Christian, Jew, Hindu, Muslim, Shaman, Buddhist, Wiccan, Pagan, Atheist of Agnostic, but whether one decides to live morally and with integrity among the species. We are to evolve to ascend energy. Lives depend on others in the cultural community as to whether they live or die. We are all our brothers keeper on earth

There are over 28,000 children said to be dying daily on earth due to starvation. Who in this world in which we live is to take responsibility starvation of beings on earth? We say we are spiritual and religious and have world leaders of our churches. Some say what Jesus would do. The devils destroy earth? Religion created devils. Earth is home. The basics of life need to be met. We all deserve the basics of food, clothing, shelter, and a way to take care of ourselves and our families. We can learn to share what we have in our lives and break it down to our own communities and cultural ways of living and existing on earth.

There are those who are not familiar with other ways, religions, and cultures on this one planet. There are beings that are considered part of our total population on earth who are sentient intelligent beings and are part of the species of human beings on earth. These beings are those who are mammals and bear their young alive the same as all humankind.

We sometimes forget that we are not the only sentient intelligent beings on earth. There are sentient intelligent beings that exist in the oceans, four types to be exact. These are visited the same as humankind on the earth's surface. The whales, dolphins, porpoises have a way to communicate. They are aware of their being and offer another way to exist and live on earth.

Another type of belief that has not been actually classified as a religion is that of a belief in extra terrestrials, unidentified flying objects and the prophecies and revelations of 2012 and beyond. The future new world coming is something that has been talked about as long as sentient intelligent beings have existed and had a brain with the conscious levels to think in one way or another. Life is about the present, the past, and the future. We have learned to pass down knowledge in oral and written traditions. With all the stories and history that have been told in the past about this world, the sentient intelligent beings that have existed have never cared enough about their humankind to stop starvation and poverty? It is not something that can be resolved overnight but it can be e0radicated over time. This means that we could utterly destroy the ways of famine and starvation on this planet. Religions and faith based communities are cultural traditions on this planet and it dos not matter the extreme ways of thoughts whether liberal or conservative in their thoughts and ways of life because famine, starvation, and poverty are bi-partisan and does not care what a human beings religious preferences or cultural beliefs exist at the time on earth.

There needs to be a new world coming that provides the basics for all that are born on earth. This is the new world coming and the new message. This is actually an old message in some cultures and religions but, since sentient intelligent beings are always left to think on their own as individuals, there has always been strife and separation based on opinions and thoughts. How this has effected the world in the past has been good in some respects and self defeating in others. This is what we all have to realize and rise to the occasion of change on earth together as one sentient intelligent being species.

Instead of going into an area on earth and offering war and conquering the area, we can go in offering food, clothing, and shelter, and making the world a better place. We can teach others to not just fish but how to create a pole and to also hunt and plant and exist based on the ways that our creators intended us too! We are to assist each other. We are all one sentient intelligent beings species and we are to learn to assist all those who are like us who live on earth. Living on earth means in physical bodies.

What qualifies a sentient intelligent being is their body in which they are given at the time of creation at birth. There are some concerns as to when the spirit or energy actually enters the human body and physical mind. This is also a reason to understand sentient intelligent human beings and to decide when to accept that a human being is human beings.

There has been much controversy over this fact of life. It is simple. Those who are women who have been planted with the sperm of life no matter from whom or how, has been given the gift of life. This gift of life no matter how the gift was obtained is to form in the woman and to be made into a living entity must be allowed to exist. There should be no question as to why. The gift of life should be allowed to exist as a sentient intelligent being, the same as those who created the beginning of conception.

Once the gift of life has been manifested in a female human body, the gift should be allowed to form a human body. If, for any reason, the female carrier cannot provide for this new sentient intelligent being, it can then be decided how this sentient intelligent being should be allowed to exist on earth by others of the same sentient intelligent being humankind. This is when those outside on earth should create a system for beings allowing these new beings on earth to grow and learn how to provide their own food, clothing, and shelter. The basis for the culture demands is based on climate and location where born on earth. Those in the host climate should first offer support. Those in the local community should offer support, then the region, nation state, and continent. The needs are met locally and expand globally. This is how it is on other planets and this planet should be governed the same. Death to a gift of life is not an option. Abortion of a fetus is not accepted on any planets in the universe. Life and existence comes first and from that point, the being is given support to exist and to become a contribution to the species on the planet from which it came.

We all have home worlds or planets. We all need to begin thinking about home worlds and how we all came to be on this planet called earth. Raising consciousness of our existence as one sentient intelligent beings species is a beginning. We are all here as one sentient intelligent being species and those who are accepted in a democracy as leaders should be elected by the populace as it is done on other planets and home worlds. Democracy is accepted as the majority rules on all planets. Those who are given certain gifts and talents assist in training those who are not. These who are given talents are trained to teach and instruct others. This is the way if has always been among ascension beings.

The reason for living is a thought expressed in energy that is maintained in the human spirit. The human spirit is the life force in the physical sentient intelligent being. Understanding the reason for living and existing on earth is a basic thought process that is taught and shared with all sentient intelligent beings. Ascension beings all learn to exist together on one planet and when all beings are raised to the same conscious awareness change occurs.

The sentient intelligent beings on a home world are given the knowledge to leave the home world and travel into the other parts of the galaxy and universe. Explorations into the unknown parts of the universe are a part of the ascension beings existence. Sentient intelligent beings as one species are accepted into the next level of existence with other sentient intelligent beings species only once they can take care of their own kind and own planet.

This is part of the ascension process. Once the world goal of one kind on one world in harmony is reached the next level is to explore higher realms of existence. Working together for a common goal to find the next level of existence for all is part of the overall. Being a part of the whole existence of one sentient intelligent being species and understanding being part of one world is a basic reason for living.

The ET UFO Messengers of 2012 will all be sharing this message of knowledge of ascension of one species, one world, one galaxy, one universe. Each sentient intelligent being has a reason for living and existing as one unit of the whole species on earth. Each unit is to provide their part as a talented gift of life to share in this universe with other sentient intelligent beings in this universe. We all are recognized as one species accepting our reason for living and being a part of one sentient intelligent being species is only the beginning, think about this and share your spiritual energy with all others. Sharing and caring about the whole species is the basic reason for existing and living.

The beginning is the place existing as one ascension sentient intelligent being species on one planet in one galaxy in one universe. What comes after the beginning is up to the species as a whole. The planet is simply the starting point. The ascension intelligent being species on earth have five separate types and must all learn to exist without harming each other and living in harmony on land and in the oceans. This is the test at the beginning. Take care of all sentient intelligent beings on earth and learn to live in harmony on the home world is the beginning. The reason for living is to learn to live in harmony with all.

We have been given a time limit that is presently called 2012. The common goal is to learn to exist in harmony without causing harm to each other and all the other sentient intelligent beings, all living things on the home world. This is the common goal yet to be learned by the human species on earth. Thus why all the religions on earth that have not accomplished this goal. Visionaries have genuine visions or contacts from extraterrestrial beings that bring progress.

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