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Ron Paul EXPOSED! Himself


  • 1000101#

    1000101 November 24, 2011 9:44:01 AM CET

    almost every single recent(and not so recent) american president are actors.. why would it be any different for Ron Paul.. its sad because this is the kind of person america should really vote for ..but unfortunatly he is -same as Obama- probably just too good to be true.. he is an actor just like his predecesor albeit a very good one unlike Bush who could never remember his textfor all of you chrestian people remember the bible's view on evil for the devil is he who we suspect the least as he tends to ware a mask of rightioussnessi thus await patiently for a leader that says "pls don't trust me blindly" 'cause thats who will get my vote ..until then I'm staying away from the fake 'democratic system' of picking amongst pre-selected candidates that systematicly belong to occult groups and are funded by big bisnessesi can hear people yell "you MUST vote for their memory" ..sorry but this fake democracy is not what our ancestors died for..and by giving it credibility(by voting) your the one insulting their memory and sacrifice

  • Wakeupcall#

    Wakeupcall January 12, 2011 9:57:43 PM CET

    What a crap video really, the truth hurts sometimes or not

  • Snutz#

    Snutz November 7, 2010 1:12:35 AM CET

    Yep, by this deduction we could consider all whites white supremacists ... this is just ignorant black and white paradigm HORSESHIT!!!

  • Saunatonttu#

    Saunatonttu November 6, 2010 7:20:22 PM CET

    What a load of crap

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