Raj Patel: The Maitreya - Dont Look Into His Eyes!

  • Uploaded by Ghost32 on Nov 6, 2010
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Notice the stutter? That is a sign of possession, Notice how he holds his head back up high to look down on you?

Watch Raj Patel's eyes, this video confirms that Raj Patel's blinking rate is not normal (10 blinks in 4m40 instead of a minimum of 50 blinks which is the average for humans).

In this speech, Raj Patel's message is more & more close to Maitreya's one.

Of course, for now Raj Patel denies being The Maitreya a modest false Messiah can deceive more people than a proud one. That's just another trick of Satan.

Don't be seduced by his nice speech, tone, appearance..... it's all fake.

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