The Voice Of Maitreya Projected To Listeners

  • Uploaded by Ghost32 on Nov 6, 2010
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Its funny, Benjamin Creme's organization is called "SHARE INTERNATIONAL" but Mr. Creme refuses to SHARE hardly any details except with cryptic speech.

this supposed voice of Maitreya sounds like Benjamin Creme to me, how many audio tapes has he recorded that can be spread around even after his passing to show that the Maitreya is still with us and speaks to us even without the presence of Mr. Creme.

How long after that event will it take for Raj Patel to take the reigns of Share International and start a worldwide food shortage where unless you follow him you dont get to eat..

Raj has wrote many books on changing the food system reform. Will you take Raj's mark to buy food from his cult?

In Raj's book he says that we should pay $200 for a hamburger. Do I smell an attack on the food system as we have seen attacks against our infrastructure and our money systems...

supposed voice of Maitreya coming from nowhere and adressing the audience.

You'll notice that the audience seems to be in a deep trance like state

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