Disinfo is Rampant

There's truth. Someone doesn't want you to know the truth. Everybody who might expose the truth gets eliminated.

While some people have lost their lives in the very moment they opened their mouth, others have been talking for years. While some NWO researches, like William Cooper, John Todd, Randall N. Baer, Phil Schneider and Fritz Springmeier get killed or jailed, others give lectures all around the globe, sell books, DVDs and get airtime on TV and radio shows. Why? This can mean only one thing: their talking does not interfere with the plans of the someone who doesn't want you to know the truth. That's the story of David Icke, Alex Jones, Zeitgeist and other truthseekers and whistleblowers.
It's impossible to bury the truth, this way or another it will always come out. The Elite knows that. So their reasoning is: "If the truth is to come out anyway let it be OUR people that tell it". So they have control over it.

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