First T-shirt by a professional T-Shirt producer -

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First T-shirt by a professional T-Shirt producer - Better than Snappysnap - 1. The price of Polo shirt is around £15:00 including postage in U.K. I have opened a Bank account:-
The Co-operative Bank, P.O. Box 48, 1 Balloon Street, Manchester M60 1GP - Sort code:- 08 - 93 - 00 - Opened 01/11/2010 for T-Shirt Project. You may make donations as we cannot sell in the name of God but give it FREE. Freely received; Freely given. Alms are given by the once-born whilst donations by the twice-born. No Blood Money but money earned through honest means. Remember even the Anti Christ Temple Priests did not accept Blood money of Judas Iscariot but to-day Pope and his organisations of Dog-Collared priests damn care. They fulfill Matt.12.v43-45.
This is the first T-shirt made by a Professional in Reading and I will see if some one can produce cheaper than that. To-day, I paid £70 towards two Polo Shirts and two hoodies that we need for winter to display Gospel on Lampstand. A Brother suggested that we could gather funds to produce cheap and of quality for FREE distribution. Gospel is received FREE and is given FREE but not the dead Letters as they learn in the Universities and pay for it. In turn, the priests dead in spirit ply those learned Letters for their living. Not the Gnostics. We are men of spirit and in spirit we Preach with Confidence and Authority of our Father Who Protects us until our Time has come to be received by our Father. He has sent us to earn His Treasures and to Fish Men into the Royal Kingdom of God, far superior to the kingdom of heaven.
I will modify this description and will upload this design on my web site. You just need to get an Mirror Image printed on A3 size transfer paper and then cut it to place it with spaces. I think that would be far cheaper method as you can buy a Polo-Shirt for £3.0 from say Primemark or still cheaper for 50 pence and get the transfer sheet made from say Staples. Iron them on. I will try that too. These shops are far expensive. We need help from Brethren with IT skills to make the designs please. Please contact me at

Then, I would like to visit different countries with this T-Shirt on to Fish men. So, if you invite me, I will try my best to visit you.
Gospel is as simple as ABC.
At present my work horse computer has crashed and needs fixing. Any Help?

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