Advent leads you to the Era of Christ Jesus and ma

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Advent leads you to the Era of Christ Jesus and make you a Freeman -1. A link worth studying.
Advent of the New Era of Christ Jesus. People start preparing for Advent by lighting up the Four Candles on the Advent wreath when there is a Middle Candle of Christ Jesus, the Light to the four types of people performing different duties in humanity. These four types of people are well known as the Four Varnas or the professions plied by these four types of people divided according to their intellect. We have people who render service to others and this Varn is called "SHHOODAR VARN". People of this Varn are normally Once-Born. But in Kalyug that belongs to the Servants, most of the Saints were born among the tribes that render services to the others. So, this is the best Varn for Salvation. Second Varn is for the people who are Twice-Born and do take part in business. As business involves money, people most render services to Mammon rather than God. Very few businessmen are God orientated. This Varn is called Vaish Varn. The Third Khhashtri Varn is to do with political affairs in which you become an administrator. In this profession, people tend to do favour to people in which case, they become unrighteous and sons of Satan. Some of these administrators are God fearing and they will do no favour but treat others as they wished to be treated or be righteous. But the people around them are so corrupt that they will find it difficult to stick to the righteousness. In extreme case, such righteous persons would abdicate their thrones and take to wilderness for their Peace of mind and become Workers of God, the Saints.

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