Advent leads you to the Era of Christ Jesus and ma

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Advent leads you to the Era of Christ Jesus and make you a Freeman - 3. A link worth studying.
With the Blood of Christ, His Word, we have been set Free of the yokes of the Temple Rabbis and moved away from brick and mortar Synagogues and Mandirs to the Temple of God that is not built by human hands but by Nature. We do not go by the orders of Prophet Elijah or pay homage to his chair in the synagogues but we go by our innerman, the Christ sitting in our hearts that enable us to Preach Gospel of our Living Father from the living Tablets of our own hearts with Authority. This is called the Blood of Christ Jesus, His Word, has set us FREE. Now, if we hand our selves to the domination of these Dog-Collared Priests in Churches, Pope, Bishops, etc, then we are saying bye bye to our innerman, the Christ Jesus, and hypocritically adore our anointed Elder Brother as Lord and God, the language of the Anti Christs from the yokes of which our anointed Elder Brother set us FREE by becoming the Passover Lamb of God. So, any one talk of sins and address Christ Jesus as Lord and God belongs to the regime of Anti Christs where the Blind Dog-Collared Clerics employees of Mammon hypocritically turn stones into Bread by proclaiming that they work for God by having been ordained by men of Mammon. We are Royal Priests, greater than Prophet Elijah and by grace of our Father; we have been called into His Service. In short, this Dark Age is the Golden Age of Christ in which the leave the old home or rather prison full of rituals to a Brand New Home built by Nature for the Worship of our Father with Christ in our hearts. Hallelujah.

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