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Luke Rudkowski caught embezzling funds


  • Epicfailure#

    Epicfailure November 9, 2010 7:44:08 PM CET

    this is the biggest load of shit I have seen, I personally know luke and he has stayed the course since the beginning, he was in college and pays for it with financial aid. The bank statements will look like alot of money for anyone that has a 8-5 job, but with the expansion of wearechange and how many divisions there are along with the upkeeping of batteries, recording equipment, travel expenses (including night stays for multiple days) 13,000$ is not a lot of money once you start looking at it like that considering a well equipped HD camera is at the very least 3,000 for top recording and audio service...I think there is alot of "my truth is more righteous than your truth" going on and it needs to stop...perhaps the large gentleman from the radio show could show were his funds are coming from? in fact lets pry open everyones bank accounts from that radio show, since it is privy to do to others...Luke is a good person, I know personally, and saying he is embezzling money is a broad statement and grounds for a lawsuit if these people keep pushing it... in fact I hope there is a lawsuit so this can be cleared up..Long live Luke and wearechange, they are doing good in this world and a few extremely overweight radio jockeys do what they do best, talk about shit and don't take any action, but rip on others that get out of there customized armchairs they sit days in!

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