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Eucharist is the MOCKING OF JESUS as it is the Bap

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Eucharist, the Baptism of Jesus in Holy Spirit is highly MOCKED - 8. Hi,
On Saturday, 6 November, 2010, I attended the following Conference:-
A conference was held at Pusey House.

The Rt Revd Andrew Burnham, Bishop of Ebbsfleet - The Liturgical Heritage

The Revd Dr Barry Orford, Priest Librarian, Pusey House - The Spiritual Tradition

First speaker was Bro. Barry Orford, the Librarian and he spoke of the Anglican spirituality. Here is the theme:-

As the Catholic Movement in the Church of England continues to explore the implications of the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus and as the advent of The Missionary Society of S. Wilfred and S. Hilda renews the determination to reject the inadequate provision in the Measure to permit women in the episcopate and to press for the fullest provision for the Catholic witness in the Church of England to flourish, Pusey House offers a second Conference to consider aspects of Anglican Patrimony.

In these Conferences, taken together, the House seeks to inform the debate and to provide that theological and ecclesiological underpinning upon which decisions, both corporate and individual, need to be made. The House also seeks to offer these reflections in an atmosphere that avoids immediate and strident opinions coloured by personal and partial understanding.

The crisis faced by the Catholic Movement cannot be avoided but must be met and decided on the widest and deepest intellectual engagement with the most profound issues of the authenticity of the Sacraments, the authority of the Church, the nature of ministerial order and the salvation of human souls.
During the question time, I asked the speaker that Queen is the Head of the Church of England and she appoints men Bishops but the men Bishops reject the appointment of a woman Bishop. I told them that there is no common sense prevailing in the COE. No common sense; no spirituality and this debate seem to be of the men of letters burying their dead. To this the Chairman, replied that Queen is not the Head of the COE but she just approves the candidate selected by the governing Body. Or in short, Queen is not the head of COE. This is wrong.
Then, the second speaker Bishop talked about rituals and I asked him why you cannot pour the wine from one Chalice into the other. He could not give a sensible answer. I tried to tell them but they were not interested. Chalice or Cup is my physical Body, the Temple of God and unless God be willing, you cannot have Gospel, the New Wine. So, you cannot Pour Wine from one cup to another. Remember Christ Jesus told Peter, unless our Father willeth, you cannot have the Gospel. Peter was once-born. Then, I asked him whether you Pour Wine from One Bottle or more please? Then he disclosed that wine and water are mixed to prepare the communion wine. I asked him why you mix water if Jesus did not mix water during the Eucharist. They had no answer and would not be prepared to listen to me. They think, they know better than these laymen asking silly questions. Blessed are the people who do not have degrees in theology that makes you drunk with the old wine. These University Professors are nothing else than Super Donkeys carrying holy Books.
The Conference will end by 3.30 p.m.

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