Eucharist Wine is the Blood of Jesus and it is not

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Eucharist Wine is the Blood of Jesus and it is not miscible with water - natural man - 9 Why you cannot mix water with wine for Eucharist?

I understand that when they prepare Eucharist Wine, they dilute it with water. This is a wrong practice and I hope some one would tell me if the Russians, Greek, etc do the same practice? I asked this Catholic Bishop, that if Jesus did not mix water with wine before giving to His Labourers, then why they are doing so? No answer. Most probably they do so as when the side of Jesus was pierced, then water and Blood came separately and not mixed, a miracle that Christ Jesus came for humanity both the once born and the twice born. Once born people cannot understand Gospel but they can play the part of Christ Peter as the one who would look after His Sheep. This is done by speaking the Truth and keeping the saltless liars outside the Church of God. But today, the Clergy are wolves in sheep's clothing. They work for Mammon and hypocritically pretend that they work for God. Paid by Mammon how could they work for God then? Freely received freely given is the motto in the Royal Kingdom of God. Now, water pertains to our physical body that governs the physical laws of Nature and the once born are normally governed by these natural laws in which you like your own in flesh and hate others. They observe Eros of flesh and such people tend to be racist. Tit-for-tat is the general principle on which their moral laws are based. As body is mostly water, so John, the Baptist, a moral Teacher baptised men in water in the name of their elder Abraham in order to make them the Salt of the Earth who have Conscience and family dignity. Natural man is normally the victim of ego and he seeks the praises of men or seeks the extrinsic values. Whereas the spiritual man goes beyond the natural man and he being capable of understanding the spiritual world of God, he can feel light of our Father in every living thing and he loves all the same. No distinction that the person is black, brown or yellow and he extends the divine Love Agape. In the company of the twice born, he learns the Secrets of our Father that are hidden from the once born natural man for he will trample over them. That is why Gospel is hidden under the Parables that these men of letters drunk with the old wine cannot find Them hidden Treasures. Thus, the natures of the natural man and the spiritual person are opposite to each other or they are not compatible. To the natural man belongs the water and to the spiritual man, the Gifts of Holy Spirit. Jesus had twelve Labourers and not Disciples as propagated by the Messianic Jews who corrupted the New Testament as well. They have nothing to do with the 12 tribes of Israel but they were Seven in the name of John, the Baptist, Prophet Elijah that oversees the moral laws and concerned with sins, seven candled Menorah and Five in the name of Christ Jesus that are the Five Temptations of the heart, Bethlehem Star making it twelve. It is the duty of the Moral Teacher to mould

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