Priests in Moses puts on robes and teach lettersl

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Priests in Moses puts on robes and teach lettersl Royal Priests Preach Gospel from heart - 10. This is the era of Royal Priests of our Father God and in spirit, we Preach Gospel. Those who teach the dead letters are Super Donkeys carrying Holy Books. Once born people feeding on milk commit sins and not the twice born hypocrites. Messianic Jews killed Apostles and turned people into stones for Bread. Stan first temptation to Christ Jesus that if you are hungary, then turn stones into bread. That is what these dog collared priests, white washed cups are doing to day. People are stone dead and they are worshipping idols of Jesus, Mary, Apostles including Paul who condemned Idol worship. Only the dead in spirit worship stones whilst the living worship the living God through their innerman, the christ. So, our Father living is for the living only and let the dead bury their dead as in the Universities they do. God bless the living and they are very FEW indeed.

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