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Proof that Thermite can cut a vertical column


  • Roikilmo#

    Roikilmo July 10, 2011 5:05:14 AM CEST

    It's no secret that thermite can produce vertical cuts, because that's exactly how thermite naturally behaves. It's also no secret that thermite can melt through steel, considering thermite burns at around 2500 degrees c, and steel melts at around 1500 degrees c.What thermite can't do is produce clean horizontal cuts through vertical beams, and that is what 'debunkers' generally argue against, because 'truthers' present images of horizontally cut vertical beams, and allege that thermite was used. The only setup that even produced a horizontal cut in your video was your elaborate piston system, and that was no where near clean.Now even if you ignore all of that, I suggest that you actually *read* the NIST report, because in no way does the NIST report claim that steel was melted, it actually denies that melting steal caused or even contributed to the collapse, or that the fires even reached tempratures capable of melting steel. The idea that steel melted causing the collapse was proposed by FEMA, which was then denied by NIST. The NIST report by the way IS the "official story".So what exactly does your video prove?

  • Conscience#

    Conscience December 11, 2010 9:37:57 PM CET

    I suggest you check out Kevin Ryan's paper "Demolition Access to the WTC Towers" and check 911blogger for a post called "Explosive Connections" by Jonathan Cole Based on Kevin Ryan's Research. It has blueprints of who occupied what floors and some of their interesting connections.

  • Spikey#

    Spikey November 15, 2010 12:05:31 PM CET

    Cheers for posting OP, nice work.

  • Spikey#

    Spikey November 15, 2010 12:05:10 PM CET

    'Ace Elevator Company' eh? Sounds like a CIA front company to me.

  • Amnya#

    Amnya November 13, 2010 1:37:39 PM CET

    Wonderful video, great post :)Unfortunately, most of the people do actually believe you and many others that the official story is bulshit. But unfortunately, governments proved to be stronger than us, or at least so far...I wish i would live the day to see those behind 9/11 punished, because i do not believe that any foreign terrorist had anything to do with this. I believe it was the local, government terrorists.Again, thanks for your hard work. Cheers :)

  • Hackjames#

    Hackjames November 13, 2010 7:38:26 AM CET

    It's been suggested that the Ace Elevator Company might be involved. Look into it for yourself if you're interested in who might have had the opportunity.

  • Kennyforever#

    Kennyforever November 13, 2010 1:28:36 AM CET

    Nice work,well done but l wonder how long would it take to set the charges and why nobody saw them being inserted,or were there empty offices or floors at the time,so guys some more snooping,

  • Bcgolddigger#

    Bcgolddigger November 12, 2010 12:14:24 AM CET

    link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpPNRrylH00

  • Bcgolddigger#

    Bcgolddigger November 11, 2010 11:57:02 PM CET

    Fuckin "A" Awesome video, Totally Awesome! That's one worth saving, NICE JOB.

  • Jordancorey#

    Jordancorey November 11, 2010 10:45:48 PM CET

    Excellent video, thanks for posting.....

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