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why we can't use ufo vids as evidence


  • Pitbulterrorist#

    Pitbulterrorist November 17, 2010 1:28:41 PM CET

    i agree, these people just wind me up but the main point is that if we could use real vids as evidence then the ufo phenomena is real. after all a jury would convict criminals with much less evidence

  • Ghost32#

    Ghost32 November 16, 2010 12:09:04 AM CET

    The fakes are there to lead us off track of what is really happening, There are unknown objects that are in our atmosphere, we are being led to think they are ET or Alien but this might not be true, but it could be an old or secret culture we thought was destroyed or a very wealthy Secret agency and possibly demonic, regardless of what it is the fact that the military is more interested in this than anyone should tell you something is going on, the military has been investigating these sightings for close to 70 years now at least in the public domain that we can track back and maybe much longer.

  • Alienator#

    Alienator November 15, 2010 11:09:22 PM CET

    We cant use them because there are too manyways at the time to fake that things.With CGI ore adobe after effects or something.Cant see the difference sometimes that good are they.

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