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If I had a reputation to protect I would never post a video like this but since I don't need to rely on trivial matters such as reputations, here it is. Another video translating the signal being captured on the CCD chip of a digital camera.

The jittering you see in the original image capture is data without a home. It is caught between chips and doesn't have a place to land. When the image is frozen, the jittering stops where it is and the true image can be seen.

This technique is being utilized by NASA for deep space photography.
See :

This is what I think we are seeing.
The extra Aluminum in the cloud is reacting with some sort of radio or microwave signal which we can view using the proper procedures put into place by NASA. This is basically tuning in the frequency in a visual manner, much like being able to see vibrations in water. We can't hear the vibrations but we can see the results they leave behind as their physic manifestation.

If we zoom into a wave form on water we could remove the glare and see the actual wave form.
That's what I am doing here.

These hardened edges in this footage are the result of form waves hitting the Aluminum.

They are working on using our upper atmosphere as a giant wave reflector in order to communicate with submarines on a global scale.

Creating a global wifi connection anyone with the proper tuner can access.

Since form waves can be seen there is no reason to expect HAARP scientist not to play around a bit.
I would.
I would adjust the impulse in such a manner to cause the hardened edges to look like animals, people, things - whatever I could get to happen. This is scientific experimentation that is required with any new technology. We need to learn what it can and cannot do.

If these results could not be replicated by every person on the planet with the proper video editing software I would consider this a fluke and the findings purely academic.

You must download the HD version and watch it on your HD monitor to see the detail.
If you have Man-Made cloud footage of your own, please take a second look using this method.

What you will see, will shock you.
I refuse to post my shocking findings because I don't want to believe them as true.

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