MSNBC: All Allies Warned Of Wikileaks New Release

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What does all this mean? Its a Huge Threat To The NWO.

If the peoples of the world read how they have planned and conspired in the afgan and iraq wars the list of war crimes will be huge...

Julian Assange is one of the best hackers in the world and many months back they released a "Insurance File" which was over a gigabyte in size.This is all classified data that is technically still illegal to view.

Its Insurance that if the government tries to do anything stupid they are going to release the password and millions if not billions of people will have access to some of the most damaging data ever collected.

Also most exposed documents usually have to do with old wars or conflict and this is the largest ever release of hacked data from an ongoing war...

This file is encrypted with 256 bit encryption and who knows what all is in there , it could be more videos and documents ect... but you can besure that the nro and the pentagon hacked it along time ago and that is why we now see the allies getting very worried..

I know one thing is shows is that Turkey was funding Alqaida and the usa was funding another group who was fighting turkey , Its like a shadow war where the two groups act as friends when they secretly have others doing the dirty work to get a certain outcome.. Which is technically a conspiracy by definition.

This could be a great thing for the truther movement but could be very bad for just about all allied nations when the true plan of their foreign policy is exposed.

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