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China will suffer the same fate as America!


  • Sicknation76#

    Sicknation76 November 28, 2010 5:14:50 PM CET

    No! Iam not alone!! There are about 1 billion Muslims world wide, about 6 million White and black nationlist world wide!! That feel the same way, and we are steadly putting off our old chidish in fighting, and turning our jobless family destroyed eyes towards you the vile Jew!!!

  • Probablysane#

    Probablysane November 28, 2010 4:08:16 PM CET

    I am getting this feeling too. Unfortunately if it is true he is not alone. It is the few who create this kind of crap and not the many.

  • Kuergun#

    Kuergun November 28, 2010 12:43:12 PM CET

    something tells me this guy doesn't like Jews is he alone mmmm! I wonder

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