PIHA finds ghost at Carleton Ave Grocery

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The Carleton Avenue Grocery has the distinction of being the longest continuously operated grocery store in Washington State. Although it didn’t begin as your friendly, neighborhood grocery store.

It was built in 1904 as a saloon with attached overnight rooms (roadhouse) but later was converted to a grocery store in 1911. Prospere Casteran had owned the building as early as 1904 and ran the first grocery store as well.

It began as a bar and bordello called “The Country Inn Roadhouse” owned by Everett “Big Hutch” Hutchings located on 201 Estella Street (Carleton Avenue) along with about six other saloons. They were the “Roxy’s,” owned by Roxy Reber; “Rainer Bar,” owned by L.C, Bregonze; “Lincoln Park,” owned by Charlton and Bowman; “Germania Park,” owned by F Brand; “Vienna Grocery and Bar,” owned by L. Pavish; and “Bohemian Park,” owned by Richard Bishop.

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