Google And YouTube Bans The Alex Jones Channel

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Here we see Alex trying to spin this story in his favor after he showed a graphic part of the still classifed and illegal Wikileaks videos which show young children in a minivan being killed by an apache helicopter.

Although other news broadcast did show footage of the video they were decent not to show those part with the children out of respect for them but alex had to push his luck to get hits and ratings and now he is regreting his decision because he will loose millions of internet viewers and listeners..

Both Google and its subsidiary company You Tube have banned Alex Jones and his websites, as attempts to curtail free speech widen.

Within the past 2-3 weeks, Jones and his team have confirmed that after years of being listed under Google News, one of the largest platforms for news dissemination, that and have been blocked from its search results, effectively censoring their content from wide web coverage. Only smaller sites that re-post the content have appeared in Google searches since early November.

In a separate matter, TheAlexJonesChannel on YouTube has learned that it will be either frozen or blocked from uploading new content for several weeks following a "Community Guidelines" violation decision. According to YouTube's support team, users from its site flagged a video on the channel that contained controversial video of the Apache helicopter "collateral murder" that occurred in Iraq in 2007 and was released by Wikileaks. When TheAlexJonesChannel attempted to challenge the removal of this video via YouTube's counter-notification form, it was subsequently told that the account would be disabled and new content blocked (apparently due to the challenge, as no other strikes exist on the account).

The graphic content in the video-- which documents real events the Pentagon never wanted released-- has been posted by hundreds of other channels on YouTube, including major media outlets like CBS News and Russia Today without being flagged or removed, yet TheAlexJonesChannel has been told that its posting of a smaller portion of this incident is offensive or otherwise against its community guidelines. This appears to be double standard as even the age-verification barrier set-up for some of the postings was not offered for TheAlexJonesChannel version; it was simple deleted by user demand and YouTube mandate.

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