UFO taped over Laxton, Nottinghamshire Part 2

  • Uploaded by Grey on Jul 22, 2008
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This UFO sighting video taped over Laxton, near newark, nottinghamshire. u.k ,21 july,2008.According to eye witness not sure if this was a ufo or not but it stayed in the air for quite some time then disappeared out of my site behind the woods in the backgroung then reappeared again.
Location laxton, nr newark, nottinghamshire, u.k. iv done 3 parts to this first one was when i had my window shut thought that the refection may have been to do with what i was seeing so in the 2nd part i filmed it with the window open and in this part my sony 40x oiptical zoom video camera on full zoom struggled to get the same image as the first part so it must have move very far in a short time. in the 3rd part iv film outside my window in the morning so you can see where it was. this was on monday 21/07/08 at around 10.15pm

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