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London 2012 7/7 Olympics Sacrifice Ritual


  • Adjuk#

    Adjuk February 13, 2012 1:21:49 PM CET

    Thanks for posting this analysis. How anyone can just claim what the guy with the masonic looking avatar can claim, I don't know - mind you, if you do have something looking like a lighted torch, halo or "godly" image, I guess you'd be more inclined to say it was just "coincidence" or an ordinary "artistic expression".

  • Tiffany#

    Tiffany August 12, 2011 8:49:27 PM CEST

    Go back to your cheetos and oprah.

  • Mummer#

    Mummer July 10, 2011 10:22:16 AM CEST

    Actually, I'm a witch (eclectic gardnerian) among other things, and this ritual makes perfect sense to me. I don't condone human sacrifice, and I believe that the move toward centralization of power in a world empire is extremely misguided. That said, you really must do some research! This ritual (and that is precisely what it is) shows clearly a goddess figure rising above, and out of, this tragedy. The meaning - the exoteric meaning, on it's face - is that, because of this tragedy (i.e. the false-flag machinations, wars, depopulation methods,etc., of the NWO), there will be a rebirth of nature (the goddess). This is the one-world eco-utopia that world controllers are promising the people - see "UN Agenda 21." This ritual tells the subconscious: "agree to die, or watch others die, as a sacrifice to our one ('London-Beijing-London') world order; it will 'save the planet' (the green grass on the bus, the green light, the skyline over the green grass, the goddess herself)." These sorts of events are termed "the revelation of the method." They are a nod and a wink to those in the know, and unconsciously perceived propaganda-reinforcement for the masses (those bodies walked on in the ritual). The only thing I take issue with is the claim that children were sacrificed at Boleskine, by Crowley, Page, or anyone else. Certainly I don't claim he wasn't capable of such, but there is no evidence of it. Yet, if you accept that world planners are consciously sacrificing citizens en masse in the manner described above, the claim of individuals practicing more formal, ritual sacrifice is hardly surprising. There is a Christian bias here, in that the Lord and Lady - the dyad - are termed simply "Goddess" and "Satan," but that's to be expected. I routinely call them (for no good historical reason) Ceridwen and Cernunnos. They are archetypes, with innumerable manifestations and mythic roles... Let's just look at it objectively, shall we? In 2007, in the worst terrorist attack ever in the UK, A London bus explodes in front of a zebra crossing, claiming 13 victims. In this ritual reenactment, we have: A (identical) London bus that 'explodes' in front of a zebra crossing. There are thirteen umbrellas opening, which are transfigured into whirling lights representing - clearly! - the souls of the thirteen victims. Read the symbolism. Inform yourself regarding UN Agenda 21, depopulation/eugenics, both major false flags of 9/11 and 7/7, and the NWO. It's an ugly business - which is nothing new. My main concerns are that it is ham-handed, wasteful, retrogressive, impracticable - and *transparent.*

  • Spaceconspiracy#

    Spaceconspiracy March 10, 2011 12:37:26 AM CET


  • Timmoth#

    Timmoth December 15, 2010 1:46:00 PM CET

    Okay, stop making stuff up. Don't tell me to 'wake up' as if only you can see what we can't. This video is christian paranoid interpretation, so as usual you have to bring up hate against 'the goddess' even though there's no mention of any goddess apart from your propaganderised notes. Anyone could interpret the same stuff completely differently. You've taken the similarities in appearance to the wreck and spun from there. It's all just typical iconic London stuff, red buses and busy people - of course it will be in a London promotion. I'm surprised you didn't bring the Beatles Abbey Road crossing into it, 'crossing the black and white', and all that 'Paul is dead' stuff.

  • Kuergun#

    Kuergun December 7, 2010 1:57:08 PM CET

    I find this scandalous!! The families of the dead must find this sickening!! They want a whole lot of love What a fucking cheek!! The Illuminati want to rule and it won't be out of love. SHAME ON YOU JIMMY PAGE !!!!!

  • Tuor10#

    Tuor10 December 7, 2010 2:59:40 AM CET

    There are some stark similarities that cannot be ignored. And you're right about it not being on Youtube.

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