UFO Watchers Wonder What Obama Admin Will Reveal

FEB 25, 2009

Will President Obama be the one to finally open the government's secret files on UFO's? That's the burning question at this year's International UFO Congress going on in Laughlin.

UFO researchers think there's a huge volume of suppressed evidence that should be made public.

The vendor room at any UFO conference generally represents the fun, non-serious side of the phenomena, where shoppers can fill all their UFO needs -- whether its a drum of Area 51 ooze or blow up aliens, alien sculptures, or an indispensable cattle mutilation calendar.

Vast libraries of UFO books and UFO videos provide hints about how far, and how wide, the discussion has grown. For the past 19 years, Tim Crawford's company, UFO TV, has marketed this material to the world, "The interest has expanded a lot to include ancient mysteries, science mysteries, political. The people classify this as need to know."

The phrase "need to know" could serve as the unofficial slogan of the UFO Congress and most other UFO gatherings. Researchers have long contended, and with good reason, that the U.S. government has withheld files and other evidence about UFO's and UFO incidents.

"Do we know what's going on inside? I don't think so," saidNuclear Physicist Stan Friedman.

Friedman has chased the UFO mystery for more than 40 years. Although the Air Force did release some UFO files from its Project Blue Book years ago, Friedman points to the so-called Bollender Memo, an order from the Air Force that all UFO cases involving national security must be sent "somewhere else." Friedman says that alone confirms that some UFO files are kept hidden.

In the past few years, something called exo-politics has emerged, a disclosure movement which calls for the release of all UFO files. Proponents are encouraged by President Obama's promises of more open government. Friendman is not optimistic.

"I don't think it's going to happen. For one thing, he's got much more important things. The whole planet is in sad shape," he said. "People have the wrong idea that the president knows everything. First, there's too much to know. I don't think he has a need to know yet."

This won't discourage speakers at the UFO Congress from encouraging the new administration to pull back the curtain of secrecy and open the UFO files as many other western governments have done in the past two years.

Vendors like Tim Crawford know there is an enduring public hunger for this kind of information, "Average people are asking bigger questions than the scientists." Follow UFOs and Alien Life on Twitter @ http://twitter.com/ufosalienlife

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