Daytime UFO Footage WrigleyField 11/19/2 AMAZING

  • Uploaded by Allthejosh on Dec 8, 2010
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Ok ,,so this is the footage that I took off my desktop via camtasia
Friday 11/19 @ 2 something Arthurmathis posted that Something happening over Chicago .
I went onto the Wrigley Earth Cam
and this is what I found
The V shaped object was there hovering for at least 2 hours
and then it moved
And out of the blue another object entered into the frame chasing the Vshaped object to the top right and then both objects moved back
For some reason i stoped the recording and started back up again when the objetcs moved back But some how file got corrupted
I am a FOOL!!
but this is well who the F kn

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