Hoky Spirit Mother of Christ Jesus and all the peo

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Hoky Spirit Mother of Christ Jesus and all the people of spirit - 1, PART 1: - Holy spirit is nothing else but common sense. What a blunt declaration by a Gnostic? This may sound very strange to many but it is so. You may be surprised at the lack of common sense among even the highly educated people. In fact, people of letters lack common sense, the most as the Pharisees and Sadducees did in the Parable of neighbour in which an illiterate Samaritan of heart picked up the wounded person. God being Spirit, it is only the people with holy spirit, who can understand the Parables or the Word of God, the most precious Treasures. We all know that if these Treasures are given to the fools, they will trample over them in the manner of swine. People are called fools because they are not sensible and, therefore, they lack common sense. Thus, the sensible people have common sense whereas the fools are devoid of it. In fact, ego, which is the root of foolishness, is the enemy of spirit. Thus, where the fools are, common sense is lacking and the clever people of evil spirit, the psychics, take advantage of the situation and fleece such simpletons or turn stones into bread under one pretext or the other called rituals. Psychic televangelists of America present a typical example how they themselves lead a life of luxury at the expense of simple-minded people like the widow who put her mite in the Temple for the luxurious living of their priests. Pope, who enslaves people in the name of Jesus, the very person who did set us FREE in spirit, is no exception. Such psychics are best tackled through the exposition of Gospel, the Good News of Freedom in spirit that enables people to be solitary in order to tread the Narrow road with Narrow Gate that leads one to Salvation. Such solitary people being themselves "Free" set others "Free" and they do not bind them in such creeds as the non-sense "Nicene" creed in which they proclaim the death of Christ, Who being synonymous with Word of God was in the beginning and is for ever. It was Jesus who died on the Cross and not the Christ.

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