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1970's Video of a prototype black project


It's a video that has been circling around the world awhile now, thing is, I reconstructed allot of the detail of the video with various filters, and turned it from a IR film setup, to a "daylight" exposure to see more detail, color corrected it as well..

It was traveling along the inside of the bank itself (not over the grass range), and it is a small model from the looks of it.. Notice the "kinetic tilt" the craft does when adjusting from flight mode, to a circling hover mode, the craft tilts forward from the inertial braking (shifting?) and rears back in an overcompensated methodology before entering the circular hovering mode.

It's an older model "black project craft" (plain and simple) so for those that think we have not had the technology for awhile now.. well .. I would reconsider your position...

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  • Stratafire#

    Stratafire December 9, 2010 8:08:15 AM CET

    Actually it is from the 70's, reproduced in the 90's (digitized), and the missing proportions show it "winding up" to a full bore take off from the area (which would happen if it was realized that it was compromised).. it was filmed by "military" personnel performing night operations with IR film .. It's been through a few filters to take the high resolution details remaining, and "best guess" color extractions to produce a "daylight" film look (did not tweak it too far as you can tell by the "exhaust stack" in the background.. the HSL setting was pretty high) Digital tracking pixel tracking software could not pick up the shade difference at the beginning so I "omitted" it, and the final? the cameraman pulled too far back, shook the camera around too much for the pixel tracker to do a good enough job for adjustments. focused on the closeups for the highest detail possible (largest portion of pixel information was in the closeups) Ever seen old IR film emulsions?, the 70's models (in the original film model) are correct for the period.. Was lucky I caught the "first transference" to digital medium, details in later models is "way" below par now..

  • Crunchy#

    Crunchy December 9, 2010 6:40:48 AM CET

    1 this was not filmed in the 70's ... its video not film, the 90's is more likely2 it was filmed in italy if i remember correctlyby the military or police. its almost certainly a uav test but the end of the video which has been cut from this footage does help to discredit the uav theory to a certain extentdue to the very fast acceleration but still not impossible for an unmanned craftand of course some will say its professionally produced cgiim still on the fence with this onebut i lean towards a uav

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