1970's Video of a prototype black project

It's a video that has been circling around the world awhile now, thing is, I reconstructed allot of the detail of the video with various filters, and turned it from a IR film setup, to a "daylight" exposure to see more detail, color corrected it as well..

It was traveling along the inside of the bank itself (not over the grass range), and it is a small model from the looks of it.. Notice the "kinetic tilt" the craft does when adjusting from flight mode, to a circling hover mode, the craft tilts forward from the inertial braking (shifting?) and rears back in an overcompensated methodology before entering the circular hovering mode.

It's an older model "black project craft" (plain and simple) so for those that think we have not had the technology for awhile now.. well .. I would reconsider your position...

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