Oxford Theologians, men of Letters drunk with the

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Oxford Theologians, men of Letters drunk with the Old Wine desiring NOT the New - 1
Visit to Oxford University Theology Seminar.

On 2 December, 2010, there was a Seminar on synoptic Gospel in the ARCO Building of the Keble College and I attended it. Fortunately, it was open to all.

There were highly qualified Professors in Theology around 50 to 60 and I was with my Hoody having Logos stressing John, the Baptist; why he did not baptise a woman or a Gentile but the Jewish men. Most of them looked at me and when they came to know that I am a Gnostic, a living Christ of living God, they took me for a heretic and di not want to talk with me. A person sitting behind me was a Professor from an American University and he did ask me whether I am a Gnostic. I told him so and to engage him in discussion mentioned the last Saying of Christ Thomas, Unless a Female becomes a Male, she cannot enter into the Royal Kingdom of God. But he felt not to engage himself in discussion and even some people I knew on my previous visit to their Church were not interested in talking in case the others may take them for a heretic as well. I was amused how they tried to compare the Sayings of Jesus in the Four Gospels beating the bush or burying their dead in letters. Every body except me was very keenly listening whilst I knew the dead values of their research in letters.
It was good rubbing shoulders with the University Dons in theology and I hope to meet them again as the Oxford University is an authority in theology. Poor men of letters are drunk with the old wine of the Letters desiring not the New and empty they came and empty will they return?
Lucky to be living within 30 miles of Oxford and I catch the Bus Free. I will write to the presenters of papers telling them the proofs of the Virgin Birth of Jesus. Such Professors address Jesus as Jesus Christ knowing not that Christ is the title like a University Professor and Jesus was His personal name as mine is Rajinder Nijjhar. For Jesus having no secular father, He was just Jesus and no family or surname as mine is Nijjhar.

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