Church of England Vicar objected to my T-shirt tha

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Church of England Vicar objected to my T-shirt that may cause problems. Today, 05 December, 2010, I visited four Churches. First I went to the United Reformed Church that is just near the Bus stop and I thought let me go in as it was getting late to service. It was as normal and a few looked at my T-shirt and logos but with curiosity. Only one man engaged me in discussion. Then, I thought let me go to the Greek Orthodox Service nearby at Bartholomew Church, corner of Palmer Park and diagonally opposite to URC that I just attended. Serving Priest was from London but he normally is busy with the formalities. However, he gave me his London address and has invited me to visit the Church and ask questions. That would be good. After the service, they invite people to join them in their after service Tea and Coffee with food cooked by different members at home. They also served hard drink as it was cold. I had some cough and it was good for me to have a few. So, in the afternoon or rather evening, I went to Christadelphian Fellowship on Oxford Road with my T-shirt and they also looked with curiosity. They did not like the last two lines that Gnostics are living Christs of living God. This became clear when I attended the next Church of England, Greyfriar Church and over there the head priest, Rev Jonathan Wilmot, Vicar told me to cover my T-shirt as he does not like the way I am dressed. So, I had a rain cover that I put it on covering the back side leaving the front side open. So, he is the first priest to object and I can well imagine that these priests especially of the Church of England are hirelings of Mammon who hate the Light more than the others. In fact, most people who do not understand Gospel in spirit would not love to see a man like me in their Churches. No wonder some one after reading the last two lines the Gnostics are living Christs of Living God pointed out that only One Christ Jesus. At this I explained to them Christ Thomas and not St.Thomas as propagated by the Anti Christs was known as Christ Thomas in South India and so was His Labourers called Christs and not Christians. Portuguese Pope went there telling people only one Christ Jesus and no other Christ and killed those who were the Labourers of Thomas and burnt their Books. This was told to me by a priest in Wellington, South India.

So, please do not be deterred by the people who have no idea of Gospel but blindly follow others leading to so many divisions of the Church of God, ONE FOLD, and One Shepherd, Christ Jesus like the blind defining an elephant. Most of the religious places are infested with Mammon worshipping Antichrists who have no love for Light but love Darkness to carry on fleecing the congregations.

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