Labourers are Solitary Royal Priests whilst the di

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Labourers are Solitary Royal Priests whilst the disciples follow their Priests- 1. Many people address the twelve as Disciples of Jesus Christ in that they have no idea that it is wrong to address Jesus as Jesus Christ as Christ is the title and rightfully addressed is Christ Jesus. But their Church Ministers mostly hirelings of Mammon Priests are employee of the Church elders and their Bishops. Such people have no idea of Labourers even though Jesus picked them for hiring in the Vineyrad of our Father. So, these Videos and the Field that belongs to our Father is not known to the blind Disciples but to the living in spirit Labourers as our Father is Spirit in spirit people would know what our Father wants from us. Spiritually blind people would follow the instruction of the Church Priest who is an employee of Mammon infested institution whose head is some times Queen, the Head of Mammon in Britain. More for the sensible Labourers in my speech.

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