Michael Tellinger: Human Slave Species for ET Gods

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The Shocking Truth About Our Human Origins:

Some questions to ponder.

* What do we really know about our human origins?
* Where did humankind suddenly appear from around 250 000 years ago?
* Why has humankind been so obsessed with GOLD since the earliest of time?
* Why has GOD been so obsessed with GOLD from Genesis?
* Why have we been practicing SLAVERY since a time before the flood?
* Why are there so many religions if there is only one CREATOR?
* Why do all mythologies have the same group of GODS?
* Why is the FLYING SERPENT the creator god in all mythologies?
* Why do we humans only use less than 3% of our DNA? â?¦Less than any other speciesâ?¦
* How is it possible that the Chimp has twice as many genes as humans?

Over the past 35 yeas or so, a new body of evidence has started to emerge that contradicts everything we have come to believe in - what we have been taught at school; told by historians and especially what we have been told by our religions. The information that has been emerging from the Sumerian Tablets is so compelling and historically accurate, that it forces us to reconsider all we have embraced about our species.

The amazing thing is that, the more we discover in the areas of science, genetics and astronomy, the more it corroborates the content of these ancient tablets that pre-date the Bible by as much as 3000 years.

Were humans created by â??godâ? as SLAVES? Was Abraham the first human SPY? Was Jesus an accidental MESSIAH?

In Slave Species of god, Michael Tellinger takes his readers on a remarkable odyssey of the true origins of humankind in which he:

* draws clear and startling analogies between new discoveries in genetic engineering and ancient archaeological findsâ?¦
* highlights emerging scientific information overlooked in the pastâ?¦
* unravels the Bibleâ??s often obscure stories by linking these to their original forms in Sumerian clay tablets and other prehistoric writingsâ?¦
* provides explicit answers to why our modern world has become so senseless and chaotic by revealing the very secrets of our prehistoryâ?¦

While shattering myths about evolution and God, Slave Species of god enables evolutionists and creationists to finally co-exist in one pond. The arguments are compelling, simple and refreshing, retracing the path of human evolution from the murky distant past to the religious dogma that haunts humankind today. The question of who we are and where we come from takes on a new meaning as we discover that our DNA may have been manipulated by our CREATOR some 250 000 years ago to produce a less intelligent â??primitive speciesâ??. In fact, the bookâ??s evidence shows that Adam and Eve were not the â??appleâ?? of Godâ??s eye as first suggested in Genesis. Tellinger presents the many arguments and evidence succinctly and convincingly, pointing out the difference between â??GODâ?? and god. How did this genetic manipulation affect humankind? How have we evolved in 250 000 years? Can we achieve immortality? These are just some of the questions answered in this gripping and astonishing work, challenging all those who are looking for new answers in the 21st century.

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