Adam's Calendar: Oldest manmade structure on Earth

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Michael Tellinger, author of 'Slave Species of god" talks about his new book called "Adam's Calendar" which deals with the discovery of the oldest man-made structure on Earth found to date - in South Africa. Discovered by pilot/explorer Johan Heine in 2003, Adam's Calendar takes us closer to the origins of Homo sapiens on planet Earth than any other human structure ever examined. This ancient calendar site is aligned to the rise of Orion in the southern hemisphere and gives us an immediate link to the architects of te pyramids of Giza, Mexico and China. It is therefore quite conceivable that Adam's Calendar was the first creation by the same architects who many millenia later erected the most impressive structures known to humankind.

About Michael Tellinger:

Michael Tellinger graduated from Wits University in 1983 with a B.Pharm degree. While studying he spent most of his time moving within the entertainment circles performing on stage and screen. He started his career in Nick Taylorâ??s musical â??Christianâ? at His Majestyâ??s theatre in 1980 and followed this by playing the part of â??Josephâ? at the opening of the State Theatre. At this time he launched his solo career as a musician and released his first single called â??Hazelâ? in 1981, which was nominated for a SARIE award. In 1982 Michael teamed up with Russell Stirling and formed the musical duo â??Stirling & Tellingerâ?. The two played together for four years and had a number of radio hits with â??Call Meâ? and â??Whatâ??s a Nice Girl Like You, Doing In a Place Like Thisâ? Their videos took the market by storm and laid the foundation for many of the SA music videos of the early 80â??s. The â??Call Meâ? video was voted among the top two most popular videos at MIDEM in Cannes 1984.

In 1985 the duo recorded an album in Nashville, under the guidance of Terry Dempsey. During a year in Los Angeles he attracted the attention of various agents but because of the cultural boycott against white South African musicians, the duo was bluntly rejected. Michael worked for Cannon Films as a sound designer and editor, returning to SA in mid 1986, when he recorded the controversial anti-apartheid song â??We come from Johannesburgâ? which was banned shortly after its release.

Michael continued his career as an actor and musician, appearing as one of the leads in South Africaâ??s first soapie called â??Orpen Houseâ? and as the lead in a six-episode series â??The Star Shootersâ?? in 1987 for which he created the soundtrack. He presented a variety of hit SABC shows like â??Graffitiâ?? and â??Fast Forwardâ?. His experience with SABC led him to get involved in TV production and he created shows like the talk show called â??Late Nite Liveâ? and â??Weekend Bonusâ?.

Began a career in advertising as a writer and received a Clio award in New York in 1989 which caused Michael to join partner Philip Botha in a specialist radio ad agency called Airheads which became a highly competitive and visible niche player in the South African advertising industry.

In 1997 Michael returned to music and launched Nebula BOS Records. His latest contribution to the arts was â??Side By Side With Angelsâ?, a moving collaboration of SA musicians for the TSUNAMI disaster fund, which Michael wrote and produced with Verny Scholtz of Just Ginger fame. The song and video featured a host of leading SA artists like Malaika, Dr. Victor, Watershed, Dawnay and others.

In 2000 he was given his own weekly radio show on Cape Talk radio that dealt with science, innovation, technology and success stories.

In 2001 Michael developed an educational TV show for the SABC which resulted in him staring a publishing company, writing a number of childrenâ??s educational story books, developing a literacy programme, and a range of games and AV products. He has written a number of screenplays but â??Slave Species of godâ? is his first published non-fiction book, as a result of a 25-year obsession with science and the cosmos.

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