Ships Make Chemtrails: Dark Fog Over Pacific Ocean

  • Uploaded by Ghost32 on Dec 12, 2010
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Very rarely, the smoke plumes of ships make the same type of tracks in the sky that airliners often make. These "ship trails", caught by NASA satellite on March 5, 2009, show the courses of about fifty freighters. The trails are from 20 to 100 miles wide. The pollution from ships lingers over the Pacific every day, though it is usually invisible on satellite photos. This day though, a massive pollution event rivaling that of a nuclear war is plain to see. Without environmental controls on what is burned on vessels on international waters, be it toxic waste or garbage, the polluted sky all comes to shore eventually. The pollution trails shown here are swept inland at Oregon and, as always, they make their way across the United States, to the biggest cities and the most remote wilderness.

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