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North American Union Agreement US/Can/Mex 2011


  • Rebel#

    Rebel December 9, 2011 7:19:38 PM CET

    This is NAU shit, is just one closer to world domination for them! By them? i mean those who hold the strings, who control the money. Once you control a country's money, you control the country, you say wat goes, not us working class. But americans are blinded by all this media, sport, cars, etc... They don't want us to know what they are up to, they don't want a well informed society for then there plans would crumble like a house of cards... Look where the usa is now, in the middle east, for wat lio, an terrorists, but these terrorist they talk of are lie's, they just use this to strip us of our rights. The war in iraq was lie, 9-11 was lie, our gevernment lies to you, but you believe it all because of media...

  • Bigjohncanada#

    Bigjohncanada February 11, 2011 3:28:40 AM CET

    Listen to the comments in this video. A 350 million market against a 34 million market for them. "we was not as bad hurt then them"......Of course not, but we still felt it. After 911 the 49th was locked up, now they wonna open the door again, on their terms.....their terms???. As a Western Canadian I say......yes we could flex the border, but on our terms(!). Honestly....Western Canada doesn't need the USA. We have an abundants of resources, those we can sell to anybody. Long enough, Western Canada spent billions to UNESCO country Quebec and bailed out the Auto- industries in Ontario. Before Western Canada becomes a part of the NAU, we will be our own Nation. STRONG AND FREE(!)

  • Bigjohncanada#

    Bigjohncanada February 11, 2011 2:31:24 AM CET

    I agree with "explorer". Western Canada will be independant before this happends, the West is not for sale!!!! Keep this in mind. We are rednecks, and we want to be free. We work together who respect us. Western Canada is fed up to be treaded as a second class citizen by central canada. So whatever the deal is......we won't be part of it.

  • Explorer#

    Explorer December 13, 2010 7:35:11 PM CET

    Any actions that affect a country , should be decided by the people and not a signing by any individual. The stink will follow like it has with the nafta.We as a country should be the ones to weigh the advantages/disadvantages then we make our decision Known

  • Kofod#

    Kofod December 13, 2010 6:49:25 PM CET

    The NAU will be like EU, closed outer borders but open with in the union = No borders between US and Canada and between US and Mexico!

  • Minihaha#

    Minihaha December 13, 2010 4:20:31 PM CET

    And where are the benefits to Canada from NAFTA? I remember alot of problems with NAFTA. US placed tarrifs on so much of our exports and the excuse was that our dollar was not worth as much so it was taking jobs away from Americans? I couldn't understand the logic as a kid and I still don't see logic in it. Remember Obama and Hilary talking smack about possibley getting rid of NAFTA, and I guess the masters who pull their strings told them to shut up about NAFTA, cause you didn't hear a peep about it after Obama was elected. NAFTA = Really good deal for TPTB and poopy deal for Canadian and American people.

  • Nickki#

    Nickki December 13, 2010 1:50:35 PM CET

    Good info, thank you !

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