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Manmade by Lockheed, the TR3B ASTRA has been seen least 2 types, one 600 ft long each side, the other 110m each side. ..see other vids in my playlists, and @:
The Belgians have made all the information of this event public, unlike our government, which admits nothing and denies everything to do with UFOs, even when some of them are ours.
From the collection of pictures, analysis, and further refinement, we now have a better schematic layout, of the Top Secret USAF Flying Triangle that has been seen by thousands, that our Department of Defense and Government says doesn't exist.
A circular, plasma filled accelerator ring called the Magnetic Field Disrupter, surrounds the rotable crew compartment and is far ahead of any imaginable technology.
Sandia and Livermore laboratories developed the reverse engineered MFD technology. The government will go to any lengths to protect this technology. The plasma, mercury based, is pressurized at 250,000 atmospheres at a temperature of 150 degrees Kelvin, and accelerated to 50,000 rpm to create a super-conductive plasma with the resulting gravity disruption.
The MFD generates a magnetic vortex field, which disrupts or neutralizes the effects of gravity on mass within proximity, by 89 percent. Do not misunderstand. This is NOT antigravity. Anti-gravity provides a repulsive force that can be used for propulsion.
The MFD creates a disruption of the Earth's gravitational field upon the mass within the circular accelerator.
The mass of the circular accelerator and all mass within the accelerator, such as the crew capsule, avionics, MFD systems, fuels, crew environmental systems, and the nuclear reactor, are reduced by 89%.
A side note to the Magnetic Field Disruptor development; one source who worked at GD Convair Division in the mid 60s described a mercury based plasma that was cooled to super-conductive temperatures rotated at 45 thousand revolutions per minute and pressurized at thousands of atmospheres.
This would be considered state-of-the-art technology even by today's standards, some 30 years after he worked this project. He related that the project achieved its objective. Instruments and test objects within the center of the accelerator showed a 50 percent loss of weight, attributed to a reduction in the gravitational field. He had worked on MFD as far back as 1965 and was told by a senior scientist that the research had been going on for a decade. See: Convair, notes from Gravitics research and Gravity Rand article.
The current MFD in the TR-3B causes the effect of making the vehicle extremely light, and able to outperform and outmaneuver any craft yet constructed - except, of course, those UFOs we did not build.
The TR-3B is a high altitude, stealth, reconnaissance platform with an indefinite loiter time. Once you get it up there at speed, it doesn't take much propulsion to maintain altitude.
At Groom Lake their have been whispered rumors of a new element that acts as a catalyst to the plasma.
Recently NASA and the Russians have admitted breakthroughs in technology that would use a plasma shield for exotic aerospace vehicles. If you know anything about the history of classified black programs, you know that by the time NASA starts researching something, it's either proven or old technology. They are the poor step children when it comes to research and development technology and funding.
With the vehicle mass reduced by 89% the craft can travel at Mach 9, vertically or horizontally. My sources say the performance is limited only the stresses that the human pilots can endure. Which is a lot, really, considering along with the 89% reduction in mass, the G forces are also reduced by 89%.

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