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We have a cycle of the Four Ages based upon the base Shame or conscience and Lights truth, contentment and Mercy; Two Ages of Rabbis -- truth and contentment, One of Christ Jesus - Conscience and the One of Oneness with our Father through Mercy in which we enjoy the Freewill and Rest. It is this Freewill to either serve God or Satan that degenerates the humanity leading back to the Cycle of Ages. Some claim to know the record of such Ages and claim that this is the 108th Cycle of Ages. Never mind this count as the living present counts for the living in spirit people. The present Age is known as the Dark Age as you cannot trust a man any more to guide you but our Father God. So, that is why our Father sends His Very Son Christ Jesus to introduce our Father through His Word. That is, those who have perceived Christ Jesus have perceived our Father. That is why in this Dark Age we are no more alienated from our Father but have become His sons by grace. Our Father is concerned with our hearts and He knows the hearts that long for Him. Even the heart of cruel Saul longed for God. He by His grace enables you to know Him and you become His son by His choice, the Christ, to Preach Gospel to mankind. So, Gospel is received by those who seek and long for it and have receptive heart clear of hypocrisy or unrighteousness as of the little children. Peter was a typical example of the heart of a child, truthful and sincere, longing to know His Word. But Peter remained Once-born till He was Paid His Wage of Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Jesus showed him the Glimpse of the Royal Kingdom of God when he proclaimed that you, Jesus, are the living Christ of the Living God. So, the main purpose of our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus was to Free us of the grips of the hypocrite and corrupt Rabbis, Temple Priests, etc who were working for Adam, a Noble Man and the transgressions against the moral laws of Adam formulated by Moses and his men priests in the name of Adam being sins, He set us Free of the sins by putting an end to the law but subjecting us to the righteousness of our hearts for the grace of God. Typical example of such people were the Gentiles whose moral laws were written over their hearts and not in the Books that they went by the righteousness fleecing no man as the Jews were doing but serving strangers like a guest with an open heart. That is why the Samaritan who picked up the wounded person whilst a Rabbi and a Pharisee of the letters dead in spirit passed by. Christ Philip expressed this in His Saying, "A Gentile never dies for he does not live to die". Gentile being already the sons of God, they did not need Christ Jesus so much as the spiritually dead Jews especially of the Judah tribe.

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