Radical America Left And Right 2.2

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Explore the explosive history of American radicalism from the Revolution to the Black Panthers and beyond.

* Secrets held for decades are exposed in this incisive series.
* Go inside organizations like the Weather Underground and the Aryan brotherhood.
* Highly-placed sources and leading experts reveal long-suppressed stories.

They are the stories that have been suppressed or overlooked for years and even generations. They expose the dark side of heroes, the humanity of villains, and the behind-the-scenes deals and bargains struck on the eve of history's most important events. Filled with extraordinary footage and interviews with eyewitnesses and experts, DECLASSIFIED illuminates fresh facets of some of the most compelling personalities and moments of the past.

The United States was founded by radicals who deployed guerrilla tactics against the orderly British. Nothing's changed on the edges: America is still the home of radical movements, from the Black Panthers and the Weather Underground to the Militia movement and the Aryan Brotherhood. Every decade of American history has its bombings, terrorist attacks, kidnappings, and threats: sometimes from the left and sometimes from the right. This is the declassified story of the movements that make up Radical America.

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