Lindsey Williams Returns - 12/15/2010

  • Uploaded by Jordee on Dec 16, 2010
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I first heard of Lindsey Williams over two years ago. He was predicting gas going to $5.00 a gallon and oil $150.00 a barrel in under six months. Three months later it happened. So I thought there may be something to this guy. He says his sources are some of the oil elites he worked with on the Alaskan Pipeline.

All I can say is listen objectively, take note and do not dismiss just because you might not like the way he speaks or out of personal bias.

This video is an update since his last interview from 10-25-2010. Here is a link to that 7 part video to get you started.

One thing about "The Elite Speak" (above link). He says "Watch China & Russia, they will be trading outside the dollar"... Months later:

Williams was right again.

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